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The auction takes place with the objective of promoting and promoting women artists in the art market.


With love, care and affection we are embraced by a light energy that calms and involves all being with the purity of be part of a colorful universe, love and flavors.

The connection of the sea with the eyes of the Divine guides our ship and embrace our feelings towards the gentle tide of love.

Love for our small achievement, for the wild that are part of our Earth family, for the essence of being who we are and for knowing that each day is a new opportunity for fulfillment.


Live the tide of light that guides and supports us for the best journey of life.

Year 2019

Acrylic on paper 300g/m² size 27 x 42 cm

Size with frame 41.5 x 53.5 x 2 cm



In the artwork, the female being represents the Sun, the star surrounded by planets in the galaxy.

That the human being transformed by directing itself through sunlight. Light that symbolizes Higher Consciousness, directs towards realization and knowledge.


Be the difference without ostentation in our “spaceship”.)

Year 2019

Acrylic on paper 300g/m² size 42 x 27 cm

Size with frame 52.5  x 40 x 2 cm

Além do Lusco-Fusco.jpg
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