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"I connect you with your best feelings through the brilliance of words with the dance of colors."

With the charm of the creative universe, I transformed from numbers to paints , plunging body and soul into the artistic career since 2018.

My inspirations are born from my dreams, from contact with nature, and from my connection with the Divine.

To materialize them today, I use traditional painting techniques such as acrylic paint, charcoal and watercolor, in addition to always being open to experimenting with new possibilities.

With my heart vibrating in gratitude, I can say that my intuitive and sensitive way of expressing with colors and words enchanted collectors around the world, sharing my puppies (yes, all artworks are like daughters rs) in private collections in France , United States and Brazil.

In 2019, some beautiful artworks crossed the Atlantic Ocean to land in Italian lands, in my first exhibition that took place in Florence.
In the same year I also had the joy of having a artwork published in
the international catalog of art in Lisbon - Portugal.

I write with an open heart that my happiness is to convey peace, hope, softness and love.

In this way, I instigate your reflection and provide the ecstasy of living a unique and special moment, involving you in positivity and disconnecting you from the tribulations of everyday life.





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